Tongkat Ali and Cholesterol Help Testosterone Production

August 13, 2018


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To build muscle mass there is a lot more going on and needed than simply going to the gym and pumping iron. Over the years I always adopted a different approach than that of my son. That is, I preferred lighter weights with high numbers of repetitions whereas my son took the more traditional approach of lower repetitions and much heavier weight and it wasn’t until recent years that I found out why he is right and I was wrong. It all comes down to diet and doing what is necessary to trigger the brain into building more muscle mass by producing increased testosterone.

Testosterone is needed to build muscle and the level of testosterone we have in our body is decided by our brain. Essentially the brain seeks to maintain that level of testosterone needed by us to sustain the lifestyle we are living and so if we do very little muscle-work, then we will have a much lower level of testosterone than if we regularly undertook heavy lifting. Cholesterol is made by the testicles breaking down cholesterol through various stages, and so having sufficient cholesterol in our diet is important. Further, it is strongly recommended that people take a diet supplement like Tongkat Ali tree root extract so the body also has the necessary compounds to most efficiently break down the cholesterol into testosterone.

Then it all comes down to getting the brain to cause the series of events needed that ultimately lead to increased muscle mass, and the only way to do this is to make your muscles burn with a few minutes of heavy weights training. When the brain detects the muscles burning from stress that is not usually part of a normal day, it firstly sets some testosterone free from storage in the blood for immediate use and that night when asleep, the brain not only causes the used up testosterone to be replaced, it produces and increased amount to cover a situation of the stress being repeated.