Tongkat Ali – A Very Powerful Testosterone Boosting Supplement

August 13, 2018


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Tongkat Ali is a small tree that grows mostly in South East Asia and it has some wonderful healing powers that we men should all take advantage – mostly being the power of its roots to boost testosterone production. To be clear about this, the tree roots of Tongkat Ali don’t contain testosterone; rather the compounds in the extract of this tree’s roots stimulate the body’s own production of this essential hormone. We need higher levels of testosterone than our current lives find us with, and this extract from Tongkat Ali tree roots does a great job of boosting our levels.

Like all testosterone boosting supplements, it is essential that we cycle them – meaning that we must rotate the use of Tongkat Ali extract with other testosterone boosting supplements so that our body never gets used to any particular supplement. Building up a tolerance to any type of boosting supplement is counter-productive, though not harmful as such because none of them are toxic in any way.

The Malaysian government has done a wonderful job of researching the testosterone boosting powers of Tongkat Ali extract, and they have gone the extra distance with the best practice techniques for washing, drying and extracting the vital compounds from the tree roots and it has done so because of the export potential of the tree product which is mostly only found in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Of course there is more to getting the most out of your increased testosterone level besides taking and rotating your diet supplements, including a diet that contains the cholesterol needed to produce the hormones and also some short bursts of intense weights training to trigger the release of the increased testosterone from the proteins that are bound to it and to set the testosterone free so that the body can put it to work.