Affiliations for Football, Sports and Betting Sites

November 25, 2019


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You can earn online by promoting the AAMS regulated betting web sites: the various online gambling houses that have permission to operate in Italy allow blog owners and websites to earn by promoting subscription to the platform, all you have to do is respect terms and indicated conditions and have a good website. One of the affiliate networks for online casinos that is making room on the Italian market is Betaffiliation, which allows, with a single registration, to manage different online casino campaigns and platforms.

Among the online casinos that you can promote through Betaffiliation there are:

-Betfair CasinoEurobet


-WinMr Green


Game and many others: the advice is clearly to always check which ones are regulated to operate in Italy. If you have a website dedicated to football or sport, you could earn by promoting sports bets and signing up to platforms increasingly used in Italy to place bets: just think of Betfair, Snai or Bwin!

The affiliations to sports bets, or rather to bookmakers, are increasingly in demand and, for this reason, new networks are frequently created. Through an affiliate network you can in fact earn by promoting the best sports betting platforms: the affiliations, of which I have spoken several times on Monetizzando.comĀ®, allow you to insert links traced with a unique id within your site / blog and to earn money every time one of your website visitors signs up and uses one of these platforms to create his game account. With Betaffiliation you can get a commission for each depositing player (in the jargon of affiliate marketing this commission takes the name of CPA) which varies according to the bookmaker and the number of players you will be able to bring to the platform.

Payments are made within the 30th of the month following the achievement of the minimum payment threshold.