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May 5, 2019


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Aging Whiskey the Right Way

Whiskey and oak have always been closely associated with each other. More specifically, oak barrels are necessary for the proper storage and aging of whiskey. Whiskey shall develop its famous taste from the barrels in which it is stored. The wood shall take away any unpleasant flavors from the whiskey and introduce better aromas into it.
The aromas from the oak are what give whiskey its distinguished taste and smell. If there was no oak, whiskey would not be as desirable as it currently is. The oak for the barrels normally has to be charred or toasted first before it is used. There shall be a layer of charcoal in there, which shall mingle with the drink to introduce those flavors. Through adsorption, all unwanted flavors shall be removed from the drink. These shall be left stuck on the inside of the barrels. It shall in exchange give out more desirable aromas, by introducing some compounds. Lignin shall give the whiskey the famous vanilla flavor. It will then get a taste of butter and coconut from lactones. Tannins are what give it the dry and wood spice flavor.
Oak is the preferred wood for this storage and aging process, over the rest of the trees out there. The cell structure of oak is resilient enough to allow it to withstand abuse for much longer. This is how whiskey can be aged for so many years. The choice of oak shall also influence the aroma and flavor characteristics of the whiskey in there. There are those that give spicier and darker notes, and others that make it fruitier. There is, therefore, a need to select well the oak barrel you go for in the aging process. You need to know more about the wood used in the construction of the barrel before you buy it.
Oak barrels are therefore the best place to store and age whiskey. There is more to it than the aesthetic appeal of such a setup. As much as it shall look great, there are some complex chemical processes happening that shall give off the best-tasting whiskey you can ask for. You can contact Freedom Oak Barrels for your preferred barrel supply. You will not be disappointed when you look at the selection of oak barrels from this company. You will have to make a search on their website for items such as oak barrels whiskey, personalized whiskey barrels, oak aging barrels, oak whiskey barrels, or oak barrels for whiskey aging.
There shall be more enjoyable whiskey to be had when you store and age it in barrels. This by far beats any other choice when it comes to aging whiskey.